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With a 90,000 sq. ft. distribution center that features 40+ shipping lanes, advanced systems, and experienced personnel, it's easy to see why OFC is right for you.


right for you

OrderFulfillment.com is right sized for our B2C e-commerce customers, with precision in picking, packing and distribution.

Why OrderFulfillment.com?

1More relevant industry experience
With a background in wholesale distribution, we were pioneers in e-commerce fulfillment. In fact, we’ve been doing it since 1997, making 3rd-party e-commerce fulfillment a natural extension of the services at which we already excel. Unlike traditional 3rd-party logistics providers, our wholesale distribution experience means we understand first-hand what is entailed in being an inventory-owning marketer of consumer goods. OrderFulfillment.com is able to advise clients on every aspect of e-commerce, from platform selection to meta-data management to best practices in pricing and shipping.
2Best systems for best results you and your customer will appreciate
Our systems are always evolving to stay one step ahead. Currently our distribution center features 40+ engineered packing/shipping stations with an inline scale/printer for fast, efficient product handling. OrderFulfillment.com’s proprietary e-PickTM wave picking logic ensures accuracy, even when moving thousands of items a day. Our clients appreciate seamless EDI/API integration and 100% supply chain visibility resulting from direct client access to our order management systems.
3Real people to develop your right solution
To be certain every aspect of your e-commerce fulfillment is right for the way you do business, OrderFulfillment.com works to comprehend your expectations and your business model. We know we need to fully and personally understand your company in order to best serve your customer.
4Cost-effective from set-up to delivery
With OrderFulfillment.com, your costs are tailored specifically to your needs—no paying for services you don’t require. Because of our established systems and pioneering industry knowledge, you can expect upfront, set-up, pick and pack, and even customization charges to be highly competitive. Likewise, shipping and delivery fees are some of the best in the business as our IntelliShip shipping logic and vendor relationships interact to select cost-effective, efficient options.
5Right-sized space, processes and equipment
OrderFullfillment.com’s distribution center is 90,000 sq. ft. in size and features 40+ shipping lanes. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’re too big for small business. It means we can handle thousands of orders daily as our clients grow their business! Our people, processes and equipment are efficiently integrated to support your order logistics, from warehousing to custom packaging to out-the-door proficiency.

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