About us

OrderFulfillment.com has its roots in education and office supplies. What started as Mobile Pen Company in 1972, a regional distributor of specialty office products, has evolved into the pioneering e-commerce fulfillment service center you see today. Along the way, our company has forged and evolved into a top-tier 3rd-party logistics organization with industry knowledge only experience can provide.

In specific regards to e-commerce fulfillment, it’s a business we’ve been in—revolutionizing and perfecting—since 1997. Our company specialized in wholesale distributing back then, moving forward with innovative delivery methods such as drop shipping. Third-party e-commerce fulfillment was a natural extension of a business at which we already excelled.

We devised means to handle both full-pallet products, as well as single item orders with great efficiency. With wholesale distribution at our core, unlike traditional 3rd-party logistics organizations, we understand, first-hand, all that is entailed in being an inventory-owning marketer of consumer goods.

  • 2016OrderFulfillment.com is launched

    A natural extension of Educators Resource, OrderFulfillment.com evolved from the pioneering e-commerce practices and technologies it developed.
  • 200090,000 sq. ft. warehouse is opened

    With its primary focus now on the education market, Educators Resource expanded into a 90,000 sq.ft. facility to support the burgeoning distribution business.
  • 1997Pioneering efforts made in e-Commerce Fulfillment

    This year marked the beginning of ground-breaking advancements that would carry product distribution to a new level. From proprietary software, efficient warehouse practices, and personal service, Educators Resource laid the groundwork for innovation in order fulfillment.
  • 1996Mobile Pen Company is sold

    Mobile Pen Company is sold, allowing Educators Resource to further concentrate on the business at hand, ultimately expanding into specialty toys and 100% fulfillment services for individual catalog dealers and e-commerce businesses.
  • 1993Inception of Educators Resource

    A division of the Mobile Pen Company, Educators Resource sets up in a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse and begins servicing independent educational retailers and catalog distributors.
  • 1992Company moves into educational products

    With big box retail chains overtaking the office supply business, Mobile Pen Company expands into the educational supply marketplace.
  • 1978Business buyout

    Frank Summersell and a partner buy Mobile Pen Company and grow the business into a 15,000 sq. ft. facility. The company served college bookstores, independent office product retailers, stationers, drug stores and jewelry stores.
  • 1972Mobile Pen Company, Inc. is born

    Mobile Pen Company starts out as a specialty office supply and writing instrument wholesale business.