B2C e-Commerce

Suppliers large and small know that a key to revenue growth today is online sales. OrderFulfillment.com helps companies like yours build an e-commerce supply strategy that has a meaningful business impact. We’ve seen markets rapidly change shape and focus and know that your customers expect a seamless purchasing experience. We work collaboratively with you to provide top-grade user experiences through adaptable, agile actions. OrderFulfillment.com is a virtual extension of your business, giving you a personalized and affordable plan for direct-to-consumer product fulfillment. Save time while we take on the details of inventory management and shipping services. Keep tabs on it all with real-time inventory and order tracking. Make your customers happy while maintaining your independence and your brand.

In specific regards to e-commerce fulfillment, it’s a business we’ve been in—revolutionizing and perfecting—since 1997. Our company specialized in wholesale distributing back then, moving forward with innovative delivery methods such as drop shipping. Third-party e-commerce fulfillment was a natural extension of a business for which we already excelled.

We devised means to handle both full-pallet products, as well as single item orders with great efficiency. With wholesale distributor at our core, unlike traditional 3rd-party logistics organizations, we understand, first-hand, all that is entailed in being an inventory-owning marketer of consumer goods.

  • Leveraged lower shipping rates with IntelliShip™

  • Custom-branded packaging

  • Real-time order tracking

  • 24-hour fulfillment

  • Cosigned inventory

  • 100% supply chain visibility

  • E-mail auto reporting

  • 99.8% picking accuracy

  • 1 – 3 day delivery, nationwide

  • Inventory management

  • 44 shipping lanes with power conveyor

  • Common carrier discounts

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Proprietary pick, pack & shipping systems