With a background in wholesale distribution, we were pioneers in e-commerce fulfillment. In fact, we’ve been doing it since 1997, making 3rd-party e-commerce fulfillment a natural extension of the services at which we already excel. Our sister company, Educators Resource, is a wholesale distributor of educational products and this business laid the groundwork and is our foundation for the streamlined system we have today in OrderFulfillment.com. All of the technologies and competencies that are involved in our B2C and B2B fulfillment came as a natural process, evolving from our traditional wholesale distribution background.

Unlike traditional 3rd-party logistics providers, our wholesale distribution experience means we understand first-hand what is entailed in being an inventory-owning marketer of consumer goods. OrderFulfillment.com is able to advise clients on every aspect of e-commerce, from platform selection and inventory management to meta-data management and best practices in pricing and shipping.

OrderFulfillment.com does much more than just getting orders from one place to another. We are proactive in helping our clients because we understand where our customers are coming from. We know what it’s like to be an inventory-owning company and that translates well into how we work with you. We treat your inventory as if it’s our own and give you peace of mind that your customer will be happy.

We know first-hand the strain of being an inventory-owning company. We’re here to reduce those pressures for our e-Commerce clients with a partnership that is based on experience and communication.

Brad Summersell, Executive Vice President