Mobile, AL Centrally Located? Yes!

We know it’s beneficial for our clients to be able to rely on a single distribution point to serve the entire continental United States. UPS data shows that 79% of the population can be reached with 3-day ground shipping from centrally located Memphis, Tennessee, home of the FedEx hub, and the majority of U.S. internet shoppers are satisfied with a 3-day delivery timeframe.1 From our location in Mobile, Alabama, 3-day ground reach is on par at an impressive 78%! That, along with a favorable labor market, makes Mobile, Alabama an excellent location for single-point national distribution.


For small, lightweight items, 100% of the continental US population can be reached in 3 days with USPS Priority Mail, a widely-used B2C e-commerce shipment method.


For heavier and/or larger items, OFC’s 3-day ground is on par with Memphis & Louisville (FedEx and UPS air hubs),2 reaching almost 78% of the continental.


For the eastern half of the U.S. (ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX and all states eastward), OrderFulfillment.com’s 3-day UPS Ground reach is almost 95% of the population.


For the southeastern U.S., OrderFulfillment.com can provide a 2-day UPS Ground reach of 99.1% (includes TX, OK, AR, KY, TN, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC, FL).

1 Internet Retailer Magazine, May 2016
2 Based on UPS Ground guaranteed zip-to-zip time-in-transit data combined with zip-code population according to the U.S. Census data

City State Percentage of Population Reached by 3-Day Shipping
FedEx Hub Memphis TN 79.36%
UPS Hub Louisville KY 78.77%
OFC Mobile AL 77.56%
Booming Port for Import/Distribution

For companies that have a need to import—currently or in the future—Mobile, Alabama is home to one of the fastest-growing container ports in the U.S. Manufacturers have taken advantage of this convenience, including several automotive assembly plants now in operation across the state and Airbus, whose only assembly plant in North America is located in Mobile, Alabama.

A big advantage the Port of Mobile has for our import partners is a 3-day UPS Ground reach superior to 100% of eastern seaboard ports and 100% of west coast ports!1 OrderFulfillment.com also has strategic partnerships with established, reputable local import customs brokers and can help overseas manufacturers without a U.S. bank account get products listed on Amazon.


1Based on UPS Ground guaranteed zip-to-zip time-in-transit data combined with zip-code population according to the U.S. Census data

US Port Percentage of Population Reached by 3-Day Shipping
OFC (Mobile, AL) 77.56%
Wilmington, NC 75.84%
Charleston, SC 75.84%
Savannah, GA 75.82%
Wilmington, DE 73.46%
Baltimore, MD 73.46%
Jacksonville, FL 73.44%
Philadelphia, PA 72.61%
Lakewood, NJ 69.75%
Boston, MA 68.38%
Norfolk, VA 66.58%
Miami, FL 66.53%
Long Beach, CA 30.92%
Portland, OR 22.40%
Portland, OR 22.40%
Seattle, WA 22.40%
Tacoma, WA 22.40%